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Diver Policies

  1. Divers must be certified, unless they are taking part in a Discover Scuba or Open Water course.

  2. Divers should maintain good mental and physical health, fit for taking part in diving activities.

  3. Divers with more than 12 months since their last dive will be assessed by our Dive Master on their first dive. We highly recommend to make the first dive a refresher.

  4. Divers with 48 months or more since their last dive are required to make their first dive a refresher dive.

  5. Divers must dive within the limits of their certification.

    • Open Water – 18m

    • Advanced Open Water and above – 30m

  6. Dive times must not be exceeded

    • Fun Dives – 45min

    • Discover Scuba Dives - 30min

  7. Divers should familiarize themselves with the rented dive equipment and return it in good condition.

  8. No consuming alcohol, drugs or medication before dives. Please inform us if you must take medication.

  9. Divers should listen to all briefings and follow the instructions of the dive master.

  10. Diver should use the Buddy System – if separated, ascend after 1min of looking around your vicinity.

  11. All dives are non-decompression dives and there will be a mandatory safety stop.

  12. For your own safety, please don’t fly for at least 12-18 h after your last dive.

Environmental Policies

  1. Respect the ocean and marine life!

  2. No touching – no gloves, no sticks, hooks or knives.

  3. Diving skills must be refreshed and updated to ensure low (and better even, no) impact on the environment. Buoyancy is key – please stay 1m above the reef.

    • Hands off the reef or bottom

    • Fins off the reef or bottom

    • Equipment properly stored, not dragging

  4. No removing anything off the reef – except trash!

  5. No leaving anything behind on the reef – except bubbles!

  6. No anchors will be thrown on the reef – suitable sandy bottom anchoring spots will be used if no buoys are in place.

Safety Policies

  1. All divers will be asked for their certification card or information.

  2. All divers must fill out a registration form and liability waiver provided by Dive Sibaltan.

  3. All divers must disclose medical conditions that could affect their scuba diving abilities and Dive Sibaltan management reserves the right to assess the risk themselves.

  4. Dive Sibaltan management reserves the right recommend dive sites according to level and skill of individual divers as well as sea conditions.

  5. All boats must have a complete first aid kit, cellphone and emergency contact list on board.

  6. All boats must have life vests and a floating device on board.

  7. All dive masters must be well acquainted with first aid and emergency procedures.

  8. All dive masters must carry a Surface Marker Buoy.

  9. All equipment must be set up correctly and tested before and after use.

  10. All equipment must be rinsed and stored properly.

  11. Dive Sibaltan management, dive masters and instructors reserve the right to refuse service – including starting or completing a dive package or course – for the safety of themselves, their staff or other guests.

  12. Dive Sibaltan management reserve the right to cancel trips due to weather, technical or medical circumstances.

Booking and Cancellation Policies

Booking Policies


  • Deposit: due at time of reservation

    • Fun Dives: 50%

    • Dive Courses: 50%

  • Balance and additional charges are to be paid before the beginning of the dive package/course.

  • Bookings and changes are subject to availability

  • Prices are subject to change


Cancellation Policies


  • Cancellation due to weather, mechanical or medical reasons on behalf of the dive shop will be subject to rescheduling or, if that is not possible, will result in a full refund.

  • Cancellation made 48h before booked dive courses will result in a full refund.

  • Cancellations made under 48h before schedule due to circumstances beyond the divers control (flight or travel cancellations) will be subject to rescheduling as far as possible by both parties. Otherwise, a full refund will be given.

  • Cancellations made under 48h before schedule due to personal reasons will be subject to rescheduling as far as possible by both parties. Otherwise 50% of the the deposit will be refunded.

  • If no cancellation is made and the diver does not show up on the scheduled date and departure time, no refund will be given. Rescheduling may, but is not guaranteed to be offered by management depending on availability as well as on a case-to-case basis.

  • Divers who fail to dive due to personal causes will not be refunded.

  • If a dive package was booked and for whatever reason a diver decides not to join a dive, no partial refund can be given for a partial dive day.

  • If a dive course was booked and for whatever reason could not be completed, it will be subject to rescheduling as far as possible by both parties. Otherwise no refund can be given.

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