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Mission Statement

Colorful coral
Giant Clam


Dive Sibaltan was born out of love for the islands and ocean and a shared passion for diving. We are a scuba diving center dreamt up by divers for divers. And this, we would like to share with you.

Much of the waters surrounding Sibaltan have not yet been explored by scuba diving and we have made it our mission to seek out some of their best-kept secrets. And these, we would like to share with you.

Every dive is unique and as we have had sightings of marvellous creatures such as turtles, sharks, dugongs, mantas and other rays and even whalesharks… we simply cannot wait to see what we will get to share with you.

Spadefish over cabbage coral


We maintain high quality standards when it comes to the services we provide you with, your safety and our equipment. Our staff is experienced, well-trained and updated. Everyone at Dive Sibaltan is aware of our safety policies and procedures, which are in place to put your mind at ease.


If you are discovering scuba diving or taking a course with us, we aim to create a positive learning environment. Our instructors will equip you with a well-balanced mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application and know-how and provide you with the certification, the ticket to explore a whole new and fantastic world.


And finally, Fun Dives are FUN Dives! High quality and well maintained equipment paired with attentive service and insider knowledge of the dive sites – we strive to make your diving experience with us all around carefree, enjoyable and memorable.


We understand the fragility of the oceans’ ecosystem and have witnessed the changes to the reefs over many years. Our strict eco policy is very important to us and we hope to our fellow divers as well.

As we are guests of the underwater world, we insist on treating it with the respect it deserves. We are there to observe and enjoy, leaving behind no trace of our visit.

We hope to create awareness for the importance of conservation and rehabilitation efforts. Dive Sibaltan pledges to lead by example and do our part in protecting our oceans, beaches and mangroves.

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