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What to do (when you're not diving)


Kite Club Palawan specialises in providing kite boarding lessons, but also caters to customers seeking equipment rentals, kite safari, and other water activities. Our instructors are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to answer any questions you may have and to prepare you for a fun-filled water adventure! Check out for more information.


How better to end a dive day than with a relaxing massage. Whether in a hut along the beach or as home service in your resort, the massage therapists of Mars massage will be sure to relax and rejuvenate you.

Balay Cuyonon

Learn about the history and culture of the Cuyonon tribe and discover the heritage of Sibaltan village.

Exploring the island by bike

There is a lot more to explore on the island and one of the best ways to do so is by motorbike/scooter. Visit villages and beaches along the way and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds, flora, fauna and flavors of the island.

Nacpan Beach

Considered the most beautiful beach in Palawan, Nacpan beach boasts a long stretch of white sand and clear blue waters. There are a few places to stay, eat and drink along the beach. A beach bum’s paradise! Great for a half or full day trip from Sibaltan. 

Duli Beach

One of the only beaches with proper surf around El Nido. After a bit of an adventurous unpaved road to get there, you are rewarded with another picturesque cove, welcoming locals and a few places to grab a bite between catching waves. If you'd like to stay here, check out Duli Beach Resort.

Ille Cave

About half an hour from Sibaltan towards Taytay, the road on the way to the Ille Caves has some great view points over vast mangrove forests and islands out in the bay. The cave is an archeological site that is only slowly being uncovered and will probably revel many more exciting secrets. A local tour guide takes you on a short walk through the caves, which are impressive both from the inside and the outside. For those daring and fit enough (and wearing proper footwear!), there is a short climb that leads to the top of the cave, from where there is a stunning view into the valley.

El Kusina Filipino Cooking Classes

El Kusina offers an unforgettable hands-on culinary experience to curious and foreign appetites. This is a one of a kind experience in El Nido that will not only share our most traditional and celebrated Filipino recipes, but a way to know our Filipino culture. THIS IS IN EL NIDO TOWN.

Kuyawyaw Waterfalls

Located between El Nido town and Taytay, the Kuyawyaw waterfalls are a bit of a drive from Sibaltan but worth it. There are a total of five waterfalls, of which the first two are only a short walk through the jungle – just long enough to really enjoy the refreshing dip in the pools. The other three are for the more adventurous who are up for a hike requiring proper footwear and a guide.

Bulalacao Waterfalls

Another nature lovers’ destination. It’s about a 30min hike to the smaller falls, where you can relax and swim. To get to the second falls, it is a longer and more adventurous hike – which you will be rewarded for with another beautiful sight and refreshing swim.

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