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Fun Dive Packages

(for certified divers)

Join our professional crew on board a half or full day dive trip and experience the amazing sites the archipelago has to offer – both above and below the surface. Beautiful coral reefs and exciting encounters with marine life make diving in Sibaltan a joy for divers of all levels. And the best part of it all – no other boats on the top, no other divers below. Whether you’re diving some of our recently discovered gems or exploring new sites, it’s always an adventure.


All packages include your boat and dive master, all rental equipment, snacks, coffee and drinking water. Lunch is included for packages with 3 dives or more. Prices are inclusive of VAT. Prices do not include Environmental Fee for Linapacan, Taytay or El Nido.

We need a minimum of 2 divers for a trip. 

Our boat is equipped with a first aid kit, emergency oxygen, life jackets and a floatation device.

Let’s Dive Package

· 2x Fun dives

4.300 PHP

· 2x Fun dives


4.550 PHP

Dive-Eat-Dive Package

· 3x Fun dives

5.000 PHP

Dive-Eat-Dive-Again Package 

· 4x Fun dives

· 2 morning dives and 2 afternoon dives

(please inquire availability and pre-book in advance)

7.500 PHP

yellow coral with chromis fish

Dive-Eat-Sleep-Rinse-Repeat Package

· Multiple days of diving – minimum 3 days, 3 Fun dives a day

Ask us to put together a custom package for you

table coral garden

Explore Diving

 Help us discover new dive sites and dive where no one has gone diving before. Due to the nature of these dive trips, we cannot guarantee the aesthetics of the dive site, but we can promise it’s an adventure every time!

4.000 PHP (2 dives)

4.800 (3 dives)

Night Dive 

· 1x Night dive

2.800 PHP

(please note that Night Dives are not yet permitted as of now)


Scuba Refresh

For certified divers that haven’t been diving for over 12 months and/or would like to review their scuba skills. 

Required for divers with 48months or more since their last dive.

· 1x Refresher dive & 1 or 2 Fun dives



We are happy to have snorkelers join our dive trips.

1.000PHP for half day

1.200PHP for full day tours.

We can also organise private island hopping adventures.

anemone with clownfish
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